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How to Sleep Fast

Time is precious. If you’re here, you ultimately want to fall asleep faster, feel more rested, and maximize the amount of sleep you get each night. Keep reading for insight into the world of sleeping better.

Essentially, you need two things to happen so that you can fall asleep. Both your body and your mind must be relaxed. There are various techniques that help you relax either one or the other, but if you’re trying to save time, you want to do both at once.

Here’s a brief list of relaxation techniques that will help you fall asleep fast:

Mindful meditation - the act of calming the mind and keeping your thoughts in the present, especially effective at quieting ones’ thoughts and remaining objective while experiencing ones’ emotions

Deep breathing – also known as pranayama – helps one to relax the body, reduce stress, and increase breathing efficiency, which in turn has the ability to decrease the total hours of sleep required

Relaxing environment – simple changes, such as dimming the lights, turning off electronic devices, and keeping the room cool, can make a world of difference in helping one to relax before bed

For a more thorough list, read our 10 tips for a good night’s sleep. Sometimes a physical condition can interfere with getting a good night’s sleep. These include snoring, sleep apnea, or restless leg syndrome. Read more about stopping snoring or these other sleep conditions. Or perhaps you’re interested in the science of sleep.

You probably know the consequences of sleep deprivation. Insomniacs often experience fatigue and irritability, lack of focus and other negative side effects. Meditation can especially help to put your mind at ease, creating focus and positive energy to help you fall asleep quickly. Pranayama combined with mindful meditation will help to push worry, anxiety and stress to the back of your mind.

Relax Now

Saagara’s app, “Relax: Stress & Anxiety Relief” is among the top relaxation apps in the world. The simple guided breathing exercises are incredibly effective. One user comments…

 As a person who has a real hard time with stress, I can say it is somewhat shocking that something so simple works this well.